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Best pH-neutral cleaners for car wash

After a winter spent driving on gritty, soaking roads that lead to dirt buildup, soapy water won’t be enough to clean your wheels.

A good cleaner will remove the grime quickly and without the need to scrub with a brush. We have many options with the new arrivals of red cleaners.

The new generation targets the metals in grime and turns them deep purple or red. Spray the product, wait for it to work for a while, and then blast with a pressure washer.

People who use more traditional formulas are also improving their game. It has been fascinating to see how they have performed in recent tests, after a period where there was red domination.

Some valeters believe that the best way to clean the wheels is to take them out of the car. To clean the inner rim, if you don’t have time or the inclination to do so, you can use a long brush.

Here is a list of some of the best pH-neutral cleaners for car wash:

Wynn's Wheel Cleaner
Wynn’s Wheel Cleaner

Black Diamond Iron Out

Black Diamond is the latest company to create a pH neutral cleaner. The only problem with this new generation cleaners is their bad egg smell. However, Black Diamond has added a minty flavor to make it less irritating to the nose while you are using it. Iron Out cleaner is faster than other cleaners and takes only two minutes to remove the most stubborn grime. It was an improvement on the other samples.

Ultra Kenotek Wheel Cleaner

Kenotek’s test debut is here. It turns purple when it works, just like our winner. The pH-neutral formula of Kenotek is good for most wheels, but you wouldn’t know that from a package without instructions. It was effective, even though it took a while to get it to work. Its relatively high price is offset by its large pack size.

All-Wheel Cleaner by Turtle Wax

Another pH-neutral product, Turtle Wax’s new cleaner, turns red when it works. It should be left to work for five minutes, but it is recommended that it be stirred before being rinsed with a pressure washer. Although the spray is a little narrow, the cleaner is thicker and holds on well. The spray performed well with both the weighted brush and rinsing, but it comes at a higher cost.

Turtle Wax Redline Wheel Cleaner

Turtle Wax’s All Wheel Cleaner was a previous top four pick; this time, it’s the Redline. The formula doesn’t change much in our tests. It is still a pH neutral cleaner that can be used on all surfaces. The gel formula sticks well and is thick. Although the spray is not wide enough to provide optimal coverage, Redline won this award. It is a bit more expensive and does not include a brush, so it doesn’t get a star.

Wynn’s Wheel Cleaner

Another excellent red cleaner, which performed well in its debut test. This is part of a refresh to the Wynn’s range. It has been around for some years. It bodes well for Wynn’s US brand if the rest of Wynn’s newcomers behave like this. It is safe for all surfaces and it lists this on the package. Red cleaners are claimed to have a non-drip formula. We saw this in our tests. It had significantly less run-off than other brands. It is pH-neutral which will help preserve coatings. It sticks well because it is thicker than other products, which was a benefit in our testing. It’s a good, but not very cheap option.

Best pH-neutral cleaners for car wash
Best pH-neutral cleaners for car wash

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